Career FAQ (BBA Programs) FAQ (110-112 BBA Programs)

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions in regards to the internship for already enrolled BBA students in Programs 110-112:



Check out this video, which explains what you need to do before your Mandatory Internship.



 Check out this video, which explains what you need to do before your Optional Internship.    



Why shall I do an internship?
Interns gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities. Work experience also enhances personal development: gaining confidence, reliability, initiative, the opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills and achieving a sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization. Last, but not least, it creates an advantage over other graduates, and there is potential for a full-time employment offer at the end of the internship.

Where can I find information about the internship?
Information about the internship can be found in the internship manual which you can download here.  P.S. You can only access these documents if you are logged in.

When shall I do my internship?
Normally the mandatory internship is done during the summer break (i.e. July - Sept), after the internship preparation workshop has been completed.
If the mandatory internship is combined with the optional internship, the student will speak to the academic office to free up the fourth semester for a 6 months internship, starting in February / March.
It is recommended to start looking and applying 6 months prior.

When should I attend the internship preparation workshop?
BBA students should attend the Internship Preparation Workshop anytime PRIOR to doing the internship.  It is recommended that students sign up for the workshop in their first semester.

Can I do my internship without having completed the Internship Preparation Workshop?

No, you cannot.

How can I sign up for the Internship Preparation Workshop?
You can sign up for the internship Preparation Workshop on Moodle during course registration.  The workshop is offered more than once per semester. 

When does the Internship Preparation Workshop take place?
There is usually more than one group.  The exact dates and times can be found on Moodle during the course registration period.

Where can I do my internship?
Students can do their internship in any country around the world in the field of Tourism or Hospitality Management.

Do I have to choose one of MODUL Career's industry partners for the internship?
No, you can do an internship in a company of your choice, but it must be approved by MODUL Career.  After you get your internship contract signed by the company, you need to sign it and submit it to MODUL Career.  If the contract is signed by MODUL Career, then the organization you chose is approved. 

Are grants available for internships within the European Union?
the Erasmus program gives students in higher education the opportunity to take on an internship in another European country. This usually lasts between two and twelve months. You can find more information and the application here.

Who needs to sign the internship contract?
The student, a representative of the company who will host the student and the internship coordinator at the MODUL Career Office.

When does the internship contract have to be signed?
The internship contract has to be signed PRIOR to the student starting their internship.

Which documents do I have to submit to MODUL Career before starting my internship?
You need to submit the internship contract signed by yourself and the company as well as the completion certificate that you receive at the end of the Internship Preparation Workshop.  If you are doing the optional internship, you also need to submit the internship project proposal form found
The student will choose a subject or a specific aspect or problem related to his/her internship (e-commerce, CRM, quality management, employee motivation, etc.) Company supervisors may help in the selection of a topic and assist the student during the internship.

Examples of projects for the optional internship are:

o Creating a new website for a company
o Creating a new flyer or brochure
o Setting up a social media campaign for a company
o Working on a project on how to improve employee motivation
o Participating in the project of implementing a balanced scorecard
o Creating a new manual for a department
o Participating in a project of launching a new F&B outlet
o Redesigning certain processes and procedures

Do I have to submit the internship contract in person?
No, you can also scan it and send it to MODUL Career
by email.

Can I split my internship into two parts?
No, you have to do 450 hours in one part.

How many departments can I work in during my internship?
Most companies will prefer to keep you in one department if you are doing a 3 month internship.  If you are combining the mandatory and the optional internship, some companies might give you the opportunity to work in 2 different departments.



Check out this video, which explains what you need to do after your Mandatory Internship.



 Check out this video, which explains what you need to do after your Optional Internship.          




Which documents do I need to submit after my internship?
You need to submit the following documents:
- Appraisal Form
- Reference Letter
- Internship Report

If you are doing the optional internship, you also need to submit the project report

Who needs to sign the appraisal form?

Your direct supervisor needs to fill out and sign the appraisal form

Who needs to issue the reference letter?
The Director of Human Resources needs to issue the referene letter

What information should the internship report contain?

The internship report shall consist of 4 to 6 pages text including the following sections:

Section 1:  A summary of the organization’s activities
This section provides an insight into the current business environment in which the company is operating. It also includes the company’s profile (history and key facts), its major operations (innovation, technology, and environmental issues), its corporate strategies (marketing) and some financial figures (as per the company’s annual report)

Section 2:  A report of the student’s activities during the internship
Here the student explains what his/her duties and tasks were during the internship, and she/he also critically assesses the inter-relationship and effectiveness of his/her work within the company.

Section 3:  A personal evaluation of the internship
This section reflects the student’s personal analysis and evaluation of the whole internship experience. It includes the student’s expectations prior to the commencement of the internship as well as an evaluation of the skills, competencies, training, problem resolution, objectives, strengths and weaknesses experiences through the placement.

Section 4: Conclusions and Recommendations
This section should include any concluding remarks that a student may have regarding their internship experience. It should also include recommendations regarding what could have improved their internship, what worked well in their internship, and if they would recommend interning at the same place to other students.

Note: use Times New Roman, font 12 and 1,5 line spacing)

A template for the internship report is available for download 
here. Please note that the download section is only accessible with the individual MODUL Career login details.

What information should the project report contain?

Project Report Optional internship (12 ECTS)
The student has to write a detailed project report (15-20 pages text submitted bound in a ring binder) which should be structured as follows:

a. Preliminaries
i. Title Page
ii. Acknowledgement and Endorsement
iii. Executive Summary
iv. Table of Contents

b. Main Text
i. Introduction (Explanation of the project, topic, why the project is being undertaken, why the project topic was chosen and how it is pertinent)
ii. Body (methods used in execution of project, any existing research in a similar area, how the project was executed, findings of the project)
iii. Discussion, Conclusions and Recommendations (What the findings indicate, how the findings can be put into practice, and how best they can be put into practice)

c. Reference Material
i. References
ii. Glossary
iii. Appendices

Note: use Times New Roman, font 12 and 1,5 line spacing)


A template for the project report is available for download here. Please note that the download section is only accessible with the individual MODUL Career login details.

How fast do I need to submit my internship documents after I finish my internship?

Students need to submit their documents within 30 days of the completion of the internship by email or in person.

When can I expect to see my grade in the gradebook?

After submitting the necessary documents, please allow 4 weeks until you see your grade in the grade book.

Is it possible to "fail" the internship and not get ECTS points?
There are several reasons that may lead to a student not receiving ECTS points:
- if the student receives a negative appraisal from the company
- if the student terminates the internship prior to the date mentioned in the contract (even if the number of hours required by the university has been reached)
- if the company terminates the contract
- if the student did not get prior approval from MODUL Career by getting the internship contract signed by MODUL Career before starting the internship


Where can I find information about transferring credits for an internship I have done prior to enrolling at MODUL University?

You can find information about transferring credits here

What is the difference between the mandatory internship and the optional internship?

They both last 450 hours.  The student receives 8 ECTS for the mandatory and 12 ECTS for the optional internship.  The optional internship also requires the student to be involved in a project and write a detailed project report.

Can the mandatory and the optional internship be combined?

Yes, MODUL Career recommends to students to combine both internships and do an internship lasting 900 hours (6 months).

Do I need to speak German to do an internship in Austria?
Speaking German makes it much easier for students who want to do an internship in Austria to find a placement.  It is VERY much recommended that students learn German if they want to work or do an internship in Austria

I am enrolled in the BSc in International Management Program, can I still do an internship?
The BSc study program does not include an internship, however, students are still encouraged to do an internship to gain experience.

If I sign a contract for 600 hours, but stop working after 450, can I still get ECTS points?
No, you will not get ECTS points if you do not fulfill the entire period mentioned in your contract.

Can I also write negative points and criticism in the report?
Yes, a wholesome and honest evaluation is appreciated.

What shall I do if I get into troubles during my internship? 
Yes, please contact MODUL Career if you have any troubles.